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Managing data center infrastructure monitoring and automation projects requires both organization skills and technical expertise. Our Agile and Kanban approaches have worked well in managing risks, user feedbacks, internal and external dependencies.


Our clients often said that the integration modules we build are the best bang for their buck. By integrating multiple products into one seamless and automated process, you will see your license cost and staff requirements reduced, and your ROI increased.

Implementation is a lot like building a house.  Not only we want to complete it on time, we also follow a set of time-proven best practices to lower your total cost of ownership for operations and upgrade. Your operations requirements are built into the architecture from day one.

Our Clients

             World Opus Technologies​               

             Data Center Monitoring and Automation Expert 

World Opus Technologies is an award-winning professional service company providing data center IT infrastructure monitoring and automation services in both public and private sectors.  Founded in 2002 and based on ITIL best practice, we have helped more than 20 data centers implement, support, customize, extend, and integrate off-the-shelf IT monitoring solutions and improve operations efficiency. Many other professional service companies have teamed with us to provide complete service coverage to our clients.

We specialize in:

Implementation and support of off-the-shelf IT infrastructure monitoring solutions
Root cause analysis through correlation between events, data, logs, and configuration

Custom code development to bridge the gaps in off-the-shelf IT monitoring solutions
Integration between various infrastructure monitoring tools and incident management tools
Day-to-day data center operations, analysis, reporting, trend identification and prediction
Agile and Kanban project management with strong technical expertise


Data Center IT Infrastructure Monitoring Expert Since 2002

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