Implementation is a lot like building a house.  Not only we want to complete it on time, we also follow a set of time-proven best practices to lower your total cost of ownership for operations, integrations, and future upgrades.

World Opus Technologies

Subject Matter Expert for BMC Software IT Management Solutions

World Opus Technologies is an award-winning professional service company providing services to the customers of BMC Software.  Founded in 2002 and based on ITIL best practice, we specialize in implementation and customization of BMC Software's Business Service Management (BSM) and Enterprise System Management
(ESM) solutions.  We are the experts in BMC Software's service assurance product lines, including but not limited to 

BMC TrueSight Operations Management Suite (TrueSight)

BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Suite (BPPM)
BMC Event Manager and Service Impact Manager (BEM & SIM)
BMC Portal
BMC PATROL Enterprise Manager (PEM)

Not only can we quickly implement BMC Software's out-of-box solutions, but we also have top expertise to customize solutions to meet your business requirements exactly. In addition, we provide step-by-step training on implementation, customization, and integration that you won't be able to learn from anywhere else including BMC.

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Your business is unique. It is unrealistic to expect a one-size-fits-all solution from BMC. When we help you with customization, you will not just benefit from our extensive experience, you will also benefit from a large collection of pre-built modules.


Serving BMC Software Customers Since 2002

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Many our clients have told us that we are very good at explaining complicated concepts in easy-to-understand everyday language. Our training courses are designed to help you accomplish real-world tasks not just give you product feature dump.