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- TrueSight/BPPM/BEM Cell Knowledge Base Extension
- TrueSight/BPPM/BEM Cell Knowledge Base Development
- Event Correlation
- Root-Cause Analysis
- PATROL Knowledge Module Extension
- PATROL Custom Knowledge Module Development

We have a long outstanding reputation of developing commercial software that meets the highest quality standard.  We have strong background in various programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, SQL, PL/SQL, Perl, TCL, PSL, MRL, and BAROC as well as J2EE and .NET technologies.  We can develop just about anything that you have in mind. 

Add-on Products

- BPPM/BEM Cell Extension Library
- PATROL Knowledge Module for CACHE Database

- BPPM/BEM Cell Email Adapter (coming soon)

Our Cell Extension Library includes all the common features in event management from automated ticketing to 4 levels of blackout controls, and from aggregated event correlation to delayed notification. All events are processed, presented, and notified in a consistent format no matter which event source they were originated. Our Cell Extension Library was developed based on fast MRL rules instead of slow cell policies. Our Cell Extension Library is faster, more consistent, more powerful, more flexible, with far less input data from you, and much easier to use.


- BMC Event Manager (BEM) to BMC TrueSight Operations Management (TrueSight) Migration
- BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management (BPPM) to BMC TrueSight Operations Management (TrueSight) Migration

- BMC PATROL Enterprise Manager (PEM) to to BMC TrueSight Operations Management (TrueSight) Migration
- BMC Portal to PATROL Migration

Through phased approach, we will help you keep what is relevant in your existing product with minimum manual work while taking advantage of the features in the new product. 

BMC Product Lines

We specialize the following product lines from BMC Software:

BMC TrueSight Operations Management Suite (TrueSight)
BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Suite (BPPM)

BMC Event Manager & Service Impact Manager (BEM & SIM)
BMC Portal
BMC PATROL Enterprise Manager (PEM)

Our Services

We provide the following services to BMC Software customers:




Add-on Products




Implementation Training
- TrueSight/BPPM/BEM/PATROL Installation and Configuration
- TrueSight/BPPM/BEM/PATROL Administration
- ​TrueSight/BPPM/BEM/PATROL High-availability Options and Design

- BEM to BPPM and TrueSight Migration

Customization Training - One of the kind.  Not offered by BMC Education
- BMC PATROL Knowledge Module Development with PSL

- TrueSight/BPPM/BEM Cell Knowledge Base Development with MRL
- ​TrueSight/BPPM/BEM Cell Event Integration using OS Scripts, SNMP Traps, and Emails

Austin, TX, USA              +1.5125734507  


- Event Integration Between 3rd-party Monitoring Software/Devices and TrueSight/BPPM/BEM Cells
- Data Integration Between 3rd-party Monitoring Software and TrueSight/BPPM Server Using PATROL Custom KM
- Incident Ticket Integration Between TrueSight/BPPM/BEM Cells and Incident Ticketing Software

We are firm believers of native management tools such as Oracle OEM, Microsoft SCOM, VMware vCOPs, etc.  We believe the most cost-effective enterprise system management solution is achieved through the integration of native management tools, open-source tools, commercial monitoring tools, self-monitoring devices, and home-grown tools with BMC products.


- Pre-implementation Assessment
- Proof of Concept
- Architecture Design and Planning
- Large-scale Deployment
- Product Upgrade
- Installation and Configuration
- Rescue Mission and Re-Implementation

- Reverse Engineering
- Business Service Model Development
- Operations Support
- Project Management

Serving BMC Software Customers Since 2002

Some of Our Recent Projects

- Migration of Nagios to TrueSight/BPPM

- Implementation of PATROL remote monitoring 

- Migration of HPOV OM to TrueSight/BPPM

- TrueSight and Entuity quick implamantation and integration

- BPPM architecture design and implementation involving 2 data centers, central/child BPPM servers, and 10 other monitoring software

- Event integration from SAP Redwood using emails

- Event integration from AS400 using PATROL KM

- BEM to BPPM migration

- 2-way event integration with IBM Netcool

- 2-way event intergrtion with Microsoft SCOM

- Event integration from VMWare vCOPs using SNMP traps

- Event integration from Nagios using OS scripts

- BMC Portal upgrade

- Event integration from Quest Foglight using OS scripts

- BEM high-availability cluster upgrade with no downtime